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Food unites us and divides us, but we are all rooted in food through our basic needs, our respective cultures, human curiosity, and pleasure. The fun begins when these factors combine into something that tastes good, tells a story, and nourishes through the roots.


As a society, we’ve unnecessarily complicated food and sustenance is rarely savored, but there’s nothing more nourishing than a meal well-appreciated. On this blog, you will find recipes and food-related musings of many colors from foraging tips and perfectly roasted delicate squash to the science behind a flaky tart crust. All of my entries intend to better connect you to the food that you prepare and eat. I hope that these writings and recipes will ignite your culinary curiosity and teach you something or, simply, be fun to check out. 


Thank you for visiting – I hope that you will explore the exciting world of food with me and be inspired to share.


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About me

I am a culinary nutritionist/dietitian with a penchant for food science, foraging, and a sincere belief that all food should taste good, even - nay, especially - the "healthy stuff". 


My enthusiasm for food began at a young age when I discovered that I possessed magical abilities. I could take ingredients that were otherwise unremarkable such as flour, sugar, and butter, and transform them into something truly decadent (to my 7 year-old self), like sugar cookies. Around this same time, I realized that I could also seriously upgrade the peanut butter and butter sandwiches (yes, this happened) in my lunch bag by merely making my own lunch. After these two revelations dramatically improved my quality of life, I was hooked. 


I had my sights set on culinary school, but my educational ambitions landed me at UC Berkeley. It was there that I quickly discovered the field of nutrition and it’s benefits as a profession where I could talk about food all of the time, while still challenging myself scientifically. During my education, I did not lose sight of what was most important and continued to keep my hands dirty in the world of good food. 

Now I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with passions and a professional history that edge more into the culinary science and sustainability end of nutrition than what you would typically expect from a nutritionist and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I currently teach food science, food culture, and foodservice management at UC Berkeley, act as an Adjunct Faculty member at the Culinary Institute of America (Greystone), and am Nutrition Consultant for a few other organizations including Bon Appétit Management Company.


My passions have led me many places – conducting sensory studies on aromatic blends at the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen, a brief stint as a unique jam producer, revamping hospital menus, cupcake competitions, and late night foraged nocino-making , but they all come down to one thing: rooted food.


Consulting and Speaking Availability

  • If you are interested in my nutrition/culinary/food science consultation or would like to hire me for a speaking engagement, please contact kristen@rootedfood.com. Past consulting and speaking experience examples are listed below, but I am happy to adapt according to your needs and am always up for new challenges!


Evolution of the human diet


Food allergies

Food anthropolo gy

Food photography

Food safety (ServSafe® Instructor/Proctor certified)

Food science: General overview or specific topics

Food styling

Food sustainability

Food, nutrition, and food sustainability-related curriculum development

Foodservice management and sustainable foodservice

Foraging/wild foods

General nutrition and well-being

Hands-on cooking classes

History of nutrition

  • Interactive food-related educational activities

    Menu labeling laws

    Nutrition and food-sustainability educational materials development

    Nutrition rating scales and health audits

    Recipe and menu adaptation to be healthier and/or more sustainable

    Recipe and menu development

    Sensory science